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RAM Asset Management is an energetic and proactive team of chartered surveyors operating UK wide in maximising returns from your commercial property investments. For smaller, medium and large scale investors alike - individuals to significant pension funds - we provide clear, consistent and reliable reporting on our holistic and comprehensive management of your investments, whilst proactively seeking opportunities to enhance your portfolio both existing, and by expansion.

Expansion can involve our unique service of assisting you through buying at auction, from identifying opportunities within your criteria, due diligence prior to auction and even bidding on your behalf.

Contrary to what you might think, it is very straightforward to change management surveyors. We do the substantial majority of the bureaucracy for you, as we have and do for myriad new clients shifting to us each week.

Current Scenario ?

Are you currently just paying for rent "collection", the half-hearted pursuit of rent reviews and lease renewals, long periods between tenants? Yes?

Then contact one of our Directors below.

Neil Burridge  neil@ramam.co.uk
Paul Raeburn  paul@ramam.co.uk
Nick Christie  nick@ramam.co.uk

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