Optimum Standards

RICS Valuer Registration is the international mark of valuation expertise. As a Rics Registered Valuer and qualified members we undertake valuations under RICS Valuation Professional Standards.

"Regulated by RICS" confirms to potential clients that we can be trusted to deliver high standards of service. "Regulated by RICS" conveys a consistent message of confidence and quality to our clients whether local, national or international.

CIArb exists for the global promotion, facilitation and development of all forms of private dispute resolution around the world to maximise the contribution that dispute resolution practitioners make.

Current Scenario ?

Are you currently just paying for rent "collection", the half-hearted pursuit of rent reviews and lease renewals, long periods between tenants? Yes?
Then contact one of our Directors below.

Neil Burridge  neil@ramam.co.uk
Paul Raeburn  paul@ramam.co.uk
Nick Christie  nick@ramam.co.uk

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