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  • Identifying and advising on the purchase of (prospective) commercial investment properties, including due diligence in readiness to bid at auction. [ ]
  • "Investing is tempting, but can be daunting. We share our significant collective expertise to inform and guide you to a purchase you understand and have confidence in."
    [ Read More on - Buying at commercial property auctions ]

  • Agency (lettings, sales and acquisitions). [ ]
  • "Agency - transacting property - is considerably more sophisticated than simply enquiring about, or hoping to dispose of by, a ‘V’ board. Persistence and ingenuity are key. Be that in identifying and successfully pursuing the ‘off market’ investment acquisition, or seeking out the best calibre new tenant."

  • Rent collection. [ ]
  • "We are as scrupulously and demonstrably honest in our collection and management of your funds, as we are in complying with all governance both legal, and of our professional bodies."

  • Service charge budget and expenditure management. [ ]
  • "We skilfully draft and advise upon both existing and future service charge budgets, both in terms of ongoing efficiency, as well as strategically i.e. thinking outside the box!"

  • Asset management identification and advice to increase value. [ ]
    "We are far more than ‘management surveyors’. Our collective expertise, along with our sister practices, combines to inform a constant review of all of our clients’ assets, so as to identify and suggest income generation and capital enhancement opportunities such as:- [ ]

    • Billboards/digital media displayed on properties;
    • Taking back vacant space above a tenanted shop and converting it to residential;
    • Acquiring a neighbouring shop in different ownership/extending to the rear, so as to accommodate a convenience store relocating to your ownership (or to stop them relocating out of your ownership);
    • Splitting a large industrial building into more lettable/more valuable smaller units;
    • Over-cladding a dated industrial building to look new, realising a higher rent, with resultant capital value enhancement providing immediate return on capital invested;
    • Reletting vacant space (perhaps deliberately creating that void) to generate evidence to prove rental growth for upcoming neighbouring rent reviews of space also in your ownership;
    • Obtaining Planning change of use consent to a premium/higher value than existing (e.g. hot food in a shopping parade)."
  • Rent reviews and lease renewals negotiated (and as expert witness in proceedings) to best outcome. [ ]
  • "Knowing the complex associated case law and statutes as thoroughly as the rental evidence, is as key to maximising income optimisation, as having the judgement and experience to progress to arbitration when the right outcome cannot be achieved by negotiation. We are formidable opponents in such negotiations, or dispute resolution forums. This is a niche specialism of our sister practice Raeburn Consulting www.raeburnconsulting.com"

  • Dilapidations. [ ]
  • "We use the most skilled and experienced of chartered building surveyors to vociferously pursue dilapidations to maximum outcome against tenants vacating at lease expiry (or break), as well as powerfully rebutting any who employ the so-called defence afforded by section 18 (1) of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1927. This is a specialism of our niche sister practice, Radius Consulting www.radius-consulting.com Similarly, www.dilapsolutions.com"

  • Contractor and maintenance management. [ ]
  • "Be it your own preferred contractors, or our approved and vetted lists, we ensure stringent management in accordance with your instructions and expectations, along with all statutory requirements. Our building surveyors will prepare Condition Surveys in anticipation of new acquisitions, Schedules of Condition on new lettings (where required) and Planned Maintenance Programmes for buildings which you as landlord maintain, then (commonly) recharge to tenants via service charge provisions.

  • Health & safety and risk management. [ ]
  • "The complex minefield of ever evolving health & safety legislation is our business to know and apply."

  • Arrange buildings insurance cover, including any required reinstatement valuations. [ ]
  • "We advise you when your buildings insurance policies should be renewed and guide you to understanding cover and pricing options and risks. We provide buildings insurance/reinstatement valuations.""

Current Scenario ?

Are you currently just paying for rent "collection", the half-hearted pursuit of rent reviews and lease renewals, long periods between tenants? Yes?
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