Easy Shift

Whilst the head might know a change of management surveyor makes sense, the heart sinks at the reasonably assumed prospect of doing it being as hard as changing bank.

But it is not....

It is VERY straightforward indeed. It is a daily exercise for us, including rearranging bank account details with your tenants, obtaining any existing management files (politely and sensitively) from your current management surveyors.

  • Management Files
    Created and held by your existing agents (both paper and electronic) are, at law, your property. You simply provide us with an "authority to transfer" letter (we prepare and you just sign) and we do the rest - politely and efficiently (even collecting files in person, if required).
  • Bank Details
    As required.
  • Leases etc
    If not with the management files or readily accessible by yourself, we can usually obtain direct from your solicitors, or Land Registry.
  • Compliance
    With Health & Safety, Money Laundering legislation etc. Our team ensure strict and timely compliance with the requirements of all statutory and relevant professional and regulatory bodies, thus protecting you, your tenants and ourselves.

Current Scenario ?

Are you currently just paying for rent "collection", the half-hearted pursuit of rent reviews and lease renewals, long periods between tenants? Yes?
Then contact one of our Directors below.

Neil Burridge  neil@ramam.co.uk
Paul Raeburn  paul@ramam.co.uk
Nick Christie  nick@ramam.co.uk

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